CSU Health Network : Logon

The CSU Health Network online portal allows CSU students to schedule online appointments and access important health forms and secure messages. Incoming students can login to the portal to complete their Health History and Tuberculosis Screening forms. We now use the student’s eName and ePassword for authentication to this site. The student must have first registered their eID here: eid.colostate.edu


Having trouble logging in? Please, verify your eName/ePassword by visiting eid.colostate.edu. If you can successfully log in there you should be able to use the identical username and password to access this site. If you have done this and problems persist please contact us; e-mail webhhs [at] colostate [dot] edu. Ensure that you include your CSU ID (nine digit number beginning with an eight) in your message.

For information about making an appointment please click here or call (970) 491-7121.
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